There’s more to Gmail than email


There’s more to Gmail than email

Almost everyone has a Gmail account. Most of us tend to use it only for emails. Do you realize that a single Gmail ID can be put to multiple uses? You can communicate with your friends in real time using chat in Gmail. You can also chat face to face with them. Gmail will also enable you to backup your phone contacts, saving a lot of time and bother when you change your handset – and if by chance you happen to lose your cell phone.

Gmail is a valuable business tool. You’ll find it’s built for business and designed for teams. Gmail for business or Gmail business email gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. You can create, edit and share files on the go from your phone, laptop or tablet. With this tool, you can save work files, access them on any device and share them instantly with your colleagues. No more having to set up a meeting place convenient to everyone (the logistics are so time-consuming). With Gmail for business you can save all your files in one place which makes it so much easier to share, review and comment. Attachments can be saved or downloaded and if someone wants to review a file it can easily be pulled up on a smart phone or tablet. No more sending attachments. It becomes easier people to work together on a project wherever they may be. And miscommunication is easily avoided.

How much time do you spend every day sorting and organizing your inbox? Gmail for business or Gmail business email allows you to immediately sort your emails according to priority. It helps you to automatically label emails, forward or delete them as required. This can be done simply, by creating a filter. Add a star icon to your email and you can sort through your inbox quickly to know what needs urgent attention and what can be dealt with later. A yellow star could be used for emails that can be attended to later but a red star would alert you to matters needing top priority. It’s as simple as that to put your emails in the right order, something that would take you hours to do manually.

Gmail for business or Gmail business email provides business-grade security and the controls you need to manage all your company’s devices and data. Its enhanced business features, powerful search and integrated tools allow enable you to get more done.