Step by Step Guide to Start with Google Apps For Business


Step by Step Guide to Start with Google Apps For Business

Be it a struggling startup or a booming business, all business models, whether bricks and mortar model or e-commerce based, needs to establish their identity in current competitive business scenarios. Thus, developing Google App for businesses will do the trick of being a cost effective technique of growing the business. It not only saves more time and helps greening the business, it reduces office expenses too. Also, with the trusted brand of Google, there is no compromise on data safety.

Google apps for business work by creating online e-mail, calendar and documents. You can create, edit and share files from your tab from anywhere. You can also save your work files on Google drive and access them from any device. It can be shared instantly with teammates. Now no more need to send attachments or merging different versions.

It also enables video conferencing via HD video chat on hangouts. By using this service, you can hold online meetings and high-definition video-conferences, or simply keep it simple and stick to instant messaging only. Hangouts can easily integrate with other Google App services — for instance, get connected straight from the Gmail inbox, add a video event to the calendar or work on Drive documents during the calls. With website traffic monitoring tools, it becomes easier to estimate figures for data analytics to predict stats. We also offer Google’s small business initiative like; get Your Business Online, social media and search platform, Google+ Business, advertising a program, Google Ad Words, productivity suite Google Apps and Google Analytics. One needs no additional software or program to implement Google features.

A business can’t grow alone through rough marketing, but by learning from mistakes, testing on what works in the current scenario, product iteration, intuitive product design and studying and analyze the conversion metrics as well. Google resources include free custom websites, a step-by-step guide to use, Google My Business, diagnostic tools to measure your website’s performance along with training programs and business workshops. A Google+ page enables businesses to build a following and keep the customers coming back for news, updates, event announcements, and special offers and discounts. And like a regular Google+ page, business Google+ pages let you keep contacts updated by sharing status updates, photos, videos, links etc.

With a Google+ page, also you could integrate customers and followers into your marketing campaigns and thus expand your customer participation — they can leave their reviews and ratings, use the +1 button in order to endorse your posts and ideas, and share your content on their Google+ pages and all around the web including social media.

The ever felt need of reaching even more customers can easily be tackled by advertising on Google to boost sales and grow your business and revenues. Small businesses can also take advantage of this search engine’s giant reach with Google Ad Words, an easy-to-use, cost-per-click (CPC) advertising platform.