Short Guide: To Improve Your Local SEO Strategy

Short Guide: To Improve Your Local SEO Strategy


Optimizing website through SEO is an ideal way for business promotion. Often it is seen that for business promotions or page optimization business houses spend thousands or lakhs of rupees. However, these promotion or optimization strategies promote your business globally rather in particular area. It is good to promote your business globally, but small business generates most of the sale from local customers. Hence along with promoting your business globally you should create a strong strategy for promoting your business locally. Local SEO ideal choice if you want to reach local people effectively.

Furthermore, using mobile and tablet for local SEO is just a right step towards a local SEO optimization. Today most of the people in metro as well as in small cities use mobile. Mobiles and tablets are preferred by users for researching about products or services over a desktop. Hence using local SEO via mobile or tablet gives boost to your business.

Consider few ways of reaching your local consumers by using local SEO:

  1. For mobile URLs use same techniques of Meta tags, keywords, headings, etc. However, make use of a local name, your contacts, and of course social media sharing buttons. Ensure to use names like “xyz cafe”, “abcd shop”, etc.
  2. It is advisable to use Adwords keyword tool by Google. You can use it by filtering information, which is not useful for your business. This will help you to conduct local keyword research.
  3. Choose your local business mobile site very carefully. Consider the indicative domains and sub domains according to which your final mobile website URL is going to appear to the users.
  4. Your mobile sitemap must be a mirror of your website so user will find it familiars and doesn’t matter if he accesses through mobile or computer.
  5. The other very important thing to for effective local SEO is to verify mobile site on Google as well as on Bing and then ensure to submit it on both the said site as mentioned.
  6. To ensure that your website is mobile-friendly make use of W3C checker. It will indicate whether your site is mobile friendly of not.
  7. If your website is not mobile friendly and takes more than few seconds to open, then this will irritate the user, and he might never want to come back. During such situation use pagespeed insight which tells you numbers of solution to make your website mobile friendly.
  8. Use some offsite technique like writing blogs for your mobile website and use tags like local area names, products related to your business, etc.
  9. Try to use location-based app and local directories, which give much popularity to your business then your expectation.
  10. Last but not the least Google maps and G+. Recently Google has introduced mobile app for local. Use your entire contact detail and business information and enjoy more local customers than ever before!

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Written by Punit Thakkar

Punit Thakkar

Mr. Punit Thakkar has been into the internet arena since more than a decade now. With keen interest and experience in the marketing field, he started Shivaami Corporation with a motive to help businesses grow from online marketing activities and has successfully accomplished this motive with a list of satisfied clients round the globe.