Edit Emails After The Recipient Reads it Through Google+

Edit Emails After The Recipient Reads it Through Google+

What happens when you send an email to the recipient and then realize you just missed out some key points to be included in the email? Google with it new announcement today has given the sender of an email full control over the message. We are aware that Google + allows users to send emails […]

Google Announces +1 Recommendations Feature on Websites Across The World

Google has brought a new feature on Google + which will be rolled out to the users over the next few weeks. The +1 recommendation feature enables users to check new apps and information on the website they visit. When a user hovers over the +1 button, recommendation for other content on the website will […]

Google Announcement: Google Docs Offline Editing Feature Updated

A recent announcement at the Google I/O by Clay Bavor, director of product management for Google Apps states that Google Docs will support offline editing. The demo of the this feature was shown at the Google I/O Conference.