10 cloud mistakes that can sink your business

10 cloud mistakes that can sink your business

The cloud offers a wide range of tangible business benefits, but don’t let these common blunders cast a shadow on your company’s success. By John Edwards “The sun always shines above the clouds,” optimists enjoy telling us. What they fail to mention is that beneath the clouds there’s often high winds, torrential downpours, lightning and […]

G-Suite New Features (Monday, May 15th – Friday, May 19th)

Updating developer identity guidelines and registration processes to protect users Recently, we took immediate action to protect users from a phishing attack that attempted to abuse the OAuth authorization infrastructure. We’re now supplementing those efforts to help prevent these types of issues in the future. These changes may add some friction and require more time […]
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3 Key Benefits Of Using Google Apps For Your Business

As we all are aware that the online platform has become the soul of all the businesses and this is the reason why one cannot even imagine doing business without the use of the internet, this is the reason why we see almost each and every company who has its strong presence online and all […]