Google Subtracts Google+


Google Subtracts Google+

Most of us who are using a Google account had a Google Plus account which had no practical use. Everyone had a Google+ account since some other necessary Google service needed it. But now, things are going to change after an announcement by Google that over the next few months this service is going to […]

Self destructing Emails – Dmail

A large flutter was created in the techie world when Google brought forth an ‘Undo Send’ option for its Gmail users which facilitated the recall of messages sent within a 30 second time frame. However, this is possible if you are intelligent enough to realize within a span of 30 seconds that the message ought […]

Interview with @CyberMahaGuru on Online Reputation Management

Advocate Prashant Mali – Cyber Law & Cyber Security Expert aka @CyberMahaGuru as what his followers know him as. We were fortunate to ask him questions and get answers on the crucial topics of Online Reputation management. His views were crucial as he & his Law firm is handling celebrity, industrialist and HNI cases for […]