How You Can Set Up Google Apps Email

How You Can Set Up Google Apps Email

While most of us are used to use Outlook and other email services for our professional needs, more than often we are worried to turn towards Google App Email. The easy to setup and add-ons flooded platform can be easy to set up and take you to a new world of convenience. Here is a step by step brief guide on how you can set up Google Apps email easily:

Fill the Application:
Fill out the application form available online. If you are private user, family or nonprofit organization then you can use Google apps for free of cost. Business too can avail the services for free but on a trial period. After the trial period, it cost some small amount per year.

Add your domain name, if you own one. If not, then buy one from Google and they will do it for you. Once you have domain added, click on Get Started and you will be taken to the form page. Accurate details on acceptance take you to the dashboard.

Activate your email:
You can either use the URL provided by Google or customize to make up your own. In order to activate email, you need to go through the setting page where you will find two options: Create User Account and Change MX Records.
Choose Create User Account: If you have few email accounts for your made domain.

Choose MX Records: This section shows which company will handle and deliver your emails. You will need to change the details and set them to Google so that the search engine can handle your emails. The process is simple and you simply need to choose your hosting services from the drop down list, and you will get a wizard describing what all you have to do next.

In case you are not sure what you want to change and how to change in MX Records then you have to contact your hosting provider. Once you have managed to make necessary changes, you have to wait for one day and then the mails will start getting delivered in timely fashion. You are free to access information and mail now onwards, from any device, any corner of the world through Google Apps Emails.