Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit

The Hangouts Meet hardware kit is a curated set of components, designed to bring robust, intelligent, affordable video meetings to the conference room. The new Hangouts Hardware experience blends the intelligence and performance of G Suite with industry leading components.

The hardware kit completes the end-to-end video conferencing experience with hardware optimized to increase productivity and collaboration while minimizing distractions. It is a commitment to video conferencing ubiquity and true collaboration.

If You Have These Questions

Do you want an engaging HD meeting?

Looking for one click to join video meeting?

Want a simple, secured and speedy conference tool?

Wish to connect with your team from anywhere?

Hangout Meet Hardware Kit Components

Features of Hangout Meet Kit

Hangout Meet Kit hardware is the fast and effective video conferencing tool best suitable for the conference room. It comes up with many features useful for a user.

One-Click Meetings
Seamlessly integrated with G Suite, Hangout kit makes it easy for a team to join a conference. Register with Google Calendar and meeting will appear on the controller.
Rooms for All Sizes and Shapes
Always ready-to-use Meet Kit is suitable for all sizes and shapes of conference rooms.
The Power Of Hangout And Chrome
The Kit possesses the simplicity and power of a Chromebox that ensures to provide reliable and seamless access to Hangouts Meet.
Simple Deployment and Management
Powered by Chrome OS, the Asus Chromebox simplifies the deployment and management of Hangout Meet Kit. It ensures reliability and security.

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Benefits of Hangout Meet Kit

New Hangout Meet Kit improves the overall user experience and also simplifies the video conferencing rooms, team collaboration and also provides ample benefits to the users.

Makes Meeting Easier
Hangout Meet Kit is an authentic reliable, easy-to-join video tool that simplifies the video meetings in the conference room.
Designed With Intelligence
Built by Google, the Hangout Meet Kit has an intelligent and customized design that delivers efficient video conferences to the teams.
Better Audio for Larger Rooms
When we consider the audio tool, Hangout Meet Kit has standalone speaker mics that can deliver crisp audio and ensures better audio for larger rooms.
Easy To Set-Up and Manage
In just minutes, you can set up Hangouts Meet hardware and connect with your team, whether they're on another floor or in another country.

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The Hangout Meet Kit includes everything a business needs to get going asap. It has Camera, Speakermic, Room Console and Room Controls in general.

The Hangout Meet Kit comes with a bundle of components that deliver the best user experience. One can also make use of the third party camera, cables or speaker mics if needed.

Hangouts Meet Kit is a complete suite designed by Google to support Meet video conferences for the business. Moreover, it is seamlessly integrated with the G Suite.

Yes, external participants can join a call and can share the same link with all meeting participants which makes easier for everyone to get on the call.

Yes, All video and audio streams in the Meet Kit are encrypted. Users can join securely even when they’re offline.

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