Google To Begin Alerting Users If Gmail Account Is Targeted By Govt

Google To Begin Alerting Users If Gmail Account Is Targeted By Govt

Google believes in constantly reinventing and modifying all its products. Privacy and security is what Google will always vouch for in their system. This is the tech giant’s top most priority. A declaration made by Google on 30th of March 2016 on its official blog mentions about the security measures it has taken to safeguard the Gmail accounts of its users. It has a lot of new protections in store.

Google noticed suspicious activities done from the government’s side. This is clearly a breach of people’s privacy. If this continues to happen, Google might lose its efficiency as being one of the best email service providers in the world. The issue of security is grave and is definitely not ethical. The company announced that this will be curbed, as a warning mail would be sent out as an alert as soon as it detects any fraud. Only 0.1% of its user base will benefit from this update and these include activists, journalists and policy makers who have sensitive content in their inbox.

In accordance with the policy of the firm of promoting best internet practices, Google has come out with this edited version. This would indeed be a joyous moment for the proud Gmail users. With this move, hackers are surely going to be kept at bay. Gmail users will feel a lot safer and be thankful to Google for this initiative. Another segment of users who would largely benefit from Google would be businessmen who use Google Email for business.

This is not the only pro-active move of Google, besides strengthening the alert system. To enable overall and maximum security to its users, it will also warn them of any suspicious links that they attempt to open. Users get to see a safe browsing notification. Another step taken towards internet and Email security is to partner with Comcast, Yahoo and Microsoft. This will hugely benefit Email users as their messages would be encrypted from one end to the other, right from the sender to the receiver. The draft that will be jointly submitted by Google along with its partner companies, aims at implementing an IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) and SMTP (Strict Transport Security). The idea came from Google and was tested on Safer Internet Day. Every time a Gmail user tried to send an email, they would be warned of the receiver’s account if the service provider does not encrypt the data using TLS encryption. Also, when an email is received from any unidentified source, Google shoots a visual warning to the user.

These safe and healthy internet practices, ensures everyone that their data is in safe hands. This will enable users to use the email facility with ease and trust in the service provider. Most importantly with these improvements, the businesses would profit a ton as all exclusive, official and private emails are strongly guarded by Gmail’s coded encryption system. Google Email for business would be the right decision you will make. Make a safe choice. Make the best choice.