Google Subtracts Google+


Google Subtracts Google+

Most of us who are using a Google account had a Google Plus account which had no practical use. Everyone had a Google+ account since some other necessary Google service needed it. But now, things are going to change after an announcement by Google that over the next few months this service is going to be decoupled from all the other services which earlier required it.

Google Subtracting Google Plus
It means that now you will only be having a Google+ account in case you are actually interested in using Google+ for social networking.

A Look Back at 2011
Going back in time to 2011 when this service was launched Google tried many tactics to make people use it and initially, it was the center of different useful other services such as Google+ Photos which then transformed into Google Photos and freed itself out from the boundaries of Google+.

YouTube and Google+
But as Google+ did not succeed as Google had actually expected, this service was gradually delinked from all other services which search giant has. It is worth mentioning YouTube here which by 2013 made it compulsory for users to have a Google+ account to use its services.
It also became necessary to have Google+ account for posting any comments on videos present on YouTube. The move was criticized by many but now things will return to normal as they were, before such compulsion was levied upon users.

Lack of Interest
It is worth mentioning here that there has been total lack of interest in Google+ right from the inception of this services and it never really challenged Facebook in the social networking realm.
In the next few months if Google Plus is not able to generate more visibility as a social network then it may well be predicted that Google will have no inhibition in closing off this service altogether instead of continuing a unsuccessful product.

Target for Reviving Google Plus
Google now aims to promote Google+ as a place where users will be able to engage with each other around common shared interests and also get engaged with content as well as people who generally inspire them.