Google Apps v/s Office 365


Google Apps v/s Office 365

Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 are two of the biggest players in business productivity apps. If you are looking for a genuine comparison between these two to make a better decision, here is everything about Google Apps v/s Office 365.

In the world of business productivity apps, there are two major players namely Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365. Where Microsoft flagship product has remained a synonym for document processing for ages, Google has lately dominated the marketplace with its superiority. However, when there are two such players fighting to be the best, a comparison is obvious. So here is our detailed comparison between Google for Work and Office 365.

Word Processing:
There is no better tool than Microsoft Word available in the industry, and this is the reason it has remained a preferred choice for everyone since a long time. In fact, a large majority of people install Microsoft Office package only because they need Microsoft Word for word processing. Packed with innumerable features like spell check, grammar check and much more, the Word has become more powerful in Office 365.

On the other hand, Google Document is not far behind in capabilities. The application has some features superior to Office Word. However, it will still have to travel a long distance to replace Microsoft Office Word.

Microsoft Office 365 email offers emailing feature with its flagship Outlook, which has remained a preferred application for business emails. But it cannot compare with the capabilities of Gmail. Google business Email is much more powerful than its rival.

As long as Calendar is concerned, Google has an edge over its competitor due to the ‘one-click to add’ feature of Google Calendar. When these two are placed together, Google Apps seams to go a step ahead of Office 365.

Excel is really powerful, but only for offline mode. Microsoft offers uncountable number of formulas and features in Excel; still they trail in online mode. On the other hand, Spreadsheet doesn’t contain as much features as Excel but its online editing makes it a better choice.

Microsoft PowerPoint has remained a synonym for presentations and it still rules the world with some margin. Google’s presentation application seems nowhere close to PowerPoint, and Microsoft Office 365 surely gets a +1 here.

Basic applications can be carried out for free on both the platforms. But when you need them for superior functions, you must purchase a subscription. Google for Work has only two plans and the first plan costs $2.5 per month with 30GB storage. Another plan costs $10 per user per month which comes with unlimited storage and additional features.

Microsoft has 6 different plans, starting from $5 per user per month and goes up to $25 per user per month. Apparently, Google has better plans for power users.

Both the applications have their distinct features and limitations, and it is nowhere possible to compare them on same scale. Which program is better will entirely depend upon your requirements and your budget.