Gmail Features You Probably Don’t Use


Gmail Features You Probably Don’t Use

Technology is no less than a blessing for all of us as now we have the option to communicate, buy/sell and do a number of other things through the online platform. When we talk about communication, it plays a great role in any business, and if the communication of a business is smooth and effective then, the progress of a company is guaranteed. Google email for business is used by almost all the companies, however, apart from using it for sending males, most of the people, don’t explore the other features it has.

In today’s time, there are millions of people who use Gmail as the preferred email tool and it has Google mail a popular name. Though, most of use it for almost all our professional and social works, there are still some features which are not known to many of us, these features of Gmail can actually help in increasing the productivity of work.

Filters and labels are two such features, let us explore these features in a much better way so that they can prove helpful to you to lessen your time which is used for checking mails, these features will help you to become more productive:

If we talk about Gmail filters, they are as same as having the virtual assistant for the purpose of sorting out the emails for you. As per the rules which you specify, an email gets marked as read, starred, automatically labelled, Archived, deleted, forwarded, marked as important or starred. For an example, if you want to mark the emails which come from your boss as important and get labelled in the work folder, for this purpose you need to place a check on an email which is from your boss and after that go to the option of more actions, which is there in the dropdown menu and it that box select the option which says Filter messages like these. When you will come on the next screen, you need to fill the criteria which say that you want Google at the base for selection on.

After this, click next and then you have to check the boxes which say apply the label work and mark as important always. Then click on the option of create filter and the job is done. So, now the next time you will receive an email from your boss, it will get automatically labelled as important. This filter option can help you to save a lot of time and with the help of it, you can also ensure that you don’t miss any important mail from your Boss.

The next feature after this is labels. You can easily create labels for the purposes of assigning categories to all your emails and you can also color code them for organizing your mail box. So, basically if you get an email email from a cousin or your daughter, then it will come under the label of family and same you can do with your professional contacts as well.

So, use these two features and save a lot of time while checking your mails.