Cloud’s silver lining for small businesses

Cloud’s silver lining for small businesses

imagesThey say every cloud has a silver lining. This is certainly true of small businesses  opting for cloud computing.  It gives them access to technology that doesn’t require investment in hardware.  As long as they have a desktop operating system and browser (including from a single mobile device), their needs can be met by just going on the cloud. The technology is sophisticated but not complex. They don’t have to invest in the services of an IT professional, an important consideration when one is  starting out in business.

Cloud computing, very simply, is centralized, mainframe computing that is scalable and flexible. It gives small businesses a platform that allows them to grow, add storage and deploy resources needed for their line of business.  The solutions are available anytime, anywhere which means hassle-free collaboration among business associates and employees. What’s more, the security of sensitive data is assured.

A game-changer for small businesses, cloud computing gives them access to enterprise-level technologies. Among them:
SaaS (Software as a Service).  This increases office productivity with services such as email,  calendaring, word processing, number crunching, online file sharing. It offers a whole new way of communicating with colleagues and clients.
IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). This enhances functions like storage and computing. It helps protect intellectual property like documents, drawings, apps and codes. Small businesses need no longer store documents locally; they can store them on the cloud and access them quickly and inexpensively – a boon in emergencies.
PaaS (Platform as a Service)  This creates a platform for small businesses to run a website in the cloud or build applications.

Cloud computing has come a long to become a mainstream technology tool for business. For small businesses, in particular, it represents a whole new way of working. It enables them to get things done far more efficiently. It makes time available so small businesses can focus on providing the best service to their clients, brainstorm ideas and come up with innovative solutions that can give them a competitive advantage.

Home to  streamlined operations, improved efficiencies and reduced costs, cloud computing is where small businesses need to be. Where else can they get worldclass technical infrastructure maintained by some of the best companies in the world and get it for less? How else can they collaborate with clients and employees instantly wherever they may be? As the business grows, cloud computing provides a scalable online environment that makes it possible to handle an increased volume of work without impacting systems performance. The cloud’s silver lining may even  have a golden streak for small businesses.