Cloud to go mainstream in 2018

Cloud to go mainstream in 2018

20170915_122651 (1)This year will be more of hybrid cloud in the App economy across India Inc. says Punit Thakkar, founder and CEO, Shivaami Cloud Services.

Cloud computing in India over the past decade is changing slowly but steadily.

The changes have been largely visible and positive from the analyst numbers and industry outlook for 2018 and beyond. The biggest change has been the big push from Indian government since 2016 on initiatives like digital India and Aadhaar card that pushes the envelope around IT and in turn cloud in a big way. With the government pushing technology initiatives for the citizens, the overall business connected with it or around it too have been influenced in a big manner.

Another big push for cloud and data center services has been the opening of India region or zones by leading cloud MNC providers in 2017. This reduces the fear factor of CIOs and IT decision makers on data security and data sovereignty due to local datacenter in their city of operations or the country. And it also instills more confidence into the IT decision makers of enterprises and large enterprises to go the cloud route – private, public or hybrid.

There is much more awareness amongst the industry about cloud related topics and many use cases to demonstrate the benefits of cloud computing. However there is still evangelism needed in the India marketplace about debunking the myths of cloud and the related fear factors with this model. The cloud providers need to emphasize on instilling the work culture at client by change management workshops towards the cloud world. Our team as part of the industry also educates them with regards to the regular usage pattern of cloud technologies and provide the adequate support. Shivaami’s proven strategy over the years has been their team’s efforts to educate the potential clients on the real benefits of cloud and help them migrate their On Premise solutions to the cloud in a right manner.

Technology OEMs have become more channel friendly as they have understood the partner concerns and roadblocks to move to a new opex model of cloud than the traditional ‘hardware –centric’ capex model. They now have a good handholding with their channel ecosystem should respect the partner commitments and make them profitable. And I believe channels will be the true evangelists for cloud in India.

My bucket list for CIOs and IT managers who want to go the cloud should double check the client references of the vendor, Have an exit plan (to get out of cloud) ready and avoid going blindly only with L1 quote. Also they need to understand value of partner’s (implementation partners) technology experience because cloud is more business-driven than a mere technology push. Also CIOs should be involved with the purchase cycle of cloud from start of discussion in line with their company’s business stakeholders including C-Suite like CMO, CEO, CTO and LOB managers.

Besides the start-ups and ecom companies which are known as ‘born in the cloud’ companies, most verticals are going the cloud route including BFSI, healthcare, IT/ITeS, hospitality, manufacturing, telcos, retail/utilities, logistics depending on the segment size, business need and cloud maturity index.

The key technology trends that will increase the demand for cloud in India will be hybrid cloud, automation tools and bot adoption.

2018 will continue to be a hybrid cloud as companies have a combination of private and public cloud services for different workloads as per their critical nature and need to go public. But I feel public cloud will make a stronger acceptance in the next year as we see companies leverage the benefits of public cloud in a big way. The public cloud services market is expected to grow over forty percent in 2017 over 2016 as per research analysts. And I rightly believe 2018 might be a year when public cloud becomes a favorite for CIOs in India.

Punit’s ‘Cloud’ bucket list for CIOs in 2018

=> Double check the client references of the tech OEM.

=> Have an exit plan (to get out of cloud if needed) ready

=> Avoid going blindly only with L1 quote of the vendor.

=> Be involved with purchase cycle from start of discussion.

=> Sync vision with business stakeholders like CMO, CEO.


A big push for cloud and data center services for the enterprises and large enterprises has been opening of India regions or zones by leading MNC cloud providers in 2017

Punit Thakkar, founder and CEO, Shivaami Cloud Services