Redesigning of Google Apps

Ever since we saw the first screenshot of Google Apps redesign, there have been innumerable rumors that the search engine giant is applying the redesigns to all apps. However, the screenshot was only for Gmail and the redesign would only be applicable in Android’s way. Now, the question revolving around the tech world is exactly […]

10 Best Google Apps For Small Business Entrepreneurs

Google apps for business in India is fast becoming a useful as well as viable alternative to make of its desktop counterparts. It is especially useful for small businesses trying to cut down on cost while at the same time increase productivity. Let us now have a look at the ten best Google apps which […]

Google Subtracts Google+

Most of us who are using a Google account had a Google Plus account which had no practical use. Everyone had a Google+ account since some other necessary Google service needed it. But now, things are going to change after an announcement by Google that over the next few months this service is going to […]