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Cloud’s silver lining for small businesses

They say every cloud has a silver lining. This is certainly true of small businesses  opting for cloud computing.  It gives them access to technology that doesn’t require investment in hardware.  As long as they have a desktop operating system and browser (including from a single mobile device), their needs can be met by just […]

Short Guide: To Improve Your Local SEO Strategy

Optimizing website through SEO is an ideal way for business promotion. Often it is seen that for business promotions or page optimization business houses spend thousands or lakhs of rupees. However, these promotion or optimization strategies promote your business globally rather in particular area. It is good to promote your business globally, but small business […]

Google Webmaster Tools Update: Organize your YouTube presence through Associates

Google has announced a new feature in webmaster tools that enables “associates” i.e. trusted users to act on behalf of your site on other Google Products. We all know that these associates cannot view the website data or take any action in Webmaster Tools like the website owner, but through this new feature these associates […]