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5 Facts about Gmail Features You Were Unaware Of

  The use of email in life has become inevitable, right from submitting college assignments to exchanging important documents, everything is done with the help of email. The brand in the service of electronic mail that is one of the most popular and trusted one is Gmail. Almost everyone who uses the internet may have […]

New Gmail Features Make Work Even Easier

  When a commercial venture is a small one and efforts are being put in to grow it into a big initiative and a successful enterprise, it is important to get hold of everything affordable yet innovative, that may help in growing the business. With the help of a simple mailing service, one may be […]

Google Apps : The Future of Small Business

Taking the plunge in the world of business is a challenge in itself. One would have to eat, sleep, drink and live the business. This is especially true when the business is started on a small scale and fewer numbers of people are expected to carry out larger number of functions for the sake of […]