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Create Presentations Online – Google Slides

  Creating and running a business successfully is a never ending job, one may have to go on giving time and effort to make a business venture work. With the right kind of tools and skills, keeping a commercial initiative abreast becomes an easy task. This is the reason why tools such as Google apps […]

New Gmail Features Make Work Even Easier

  When a commercial venture is a small one and efforts are being put in to grow it into a big initiative and a successful enterprise, it is important to get hold of everything affordable yet innovative, that may help in growing the business. With the help of a simple mailing service, one may be […]

Google Apps : The Future of Small Business

Taking the plunge in the world of business is a challenge in itself. One would have to eat, sleep, drink and live the business. This is especially true when the business is started on a small scale and fewer numbers of people are expected to carry out larger number of functions for the sake of […]