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Google Apps : The Future of Small Business

Taking the plunge in the world of business is a challenge in itself. One would have to eat, sleep, drink and live the business. This is especially true when the business is started on a small scale and fewer numbers of people are expected to carry out larger number of functions for the sake of […]
Gmail for Work

Manage Your E-mails with Gmail Manage Labels

Those who take up the responsibility of a business know for sure how much goes into organizing a venture and being able to straighten it out for a smooth functioning and viable results. Having an organized business is something that a whole lot of venture owners struggle with but are unable to find the right […]

Keep Your Gmail Inbox Sorted with Send and Archive

  In the world of business, that is always buzzing with activity and when the lives of business owners surround around communication and information sharing, it is important that the entrepreneurs are provided with something extra as an aide for carrying out their communication tasks in a simpler manner. Gmail for business is one such […]