Google Apps

Redesigning of Google Apps

Ever since we saw the first screenshot of Google Apps redesign, there have been innumerable rumors that the search engine giant is applying the redesigns to all apps. However, the screenshot was only for Gmail and the redesign would only be applicable in Android’s way. Now, the question revolving around the tech world is exactly […]

Self destructing Emails – Dmail

A large flutter was created in the techie world when Google brought forth an ‘Undo Send’ option for its Gmail users which facilitated the recall of messages sent within a 30 second time frame. However, this is possible if you are intelligent enough to realize within a span of 30 seconds that the message ought […]
Gmail for Work

5 Facts about Gmail Features You Were Unaware Of

  The use of email in life has become inevitable, right from submitting college assignments to exchanging important documents, everything is done with the help of email. The brand in the service of electronic mail that is one of the most popular and trusted one is Gmail. Almost everyone who uses the internet may have […]