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Keep Your Gmail Inbox Sorted with Send and Archive

  In the world of business, that is always buzzing with activity and when the lives of business owners surround around communication and information sharing, it is important that the entrepreneurs are provided with something extra as an aide for carrying out their communication tasks in a simpler manner. Gmail for business is one such […]

Google Drive – Give Secure Cloud Storage to Your Data

When one has to shoulder the responsibility of running and taking a business forward with success in stride, it is important that he or she has all the necessary measures in place for the security of the venture. With growing competition and the mushrooming of businesses, it has become a common occurrences for people to […]

There’s more to Gmail than email

Almost everyone has a Gmail account. Most of us tend to use it only for emails. Do you realize that a single Gmail ID can be put to multiple uses? You can communicate with your friends in real time using chat in Gmail. You can also chat face to face with them. Gmail will also […]