Google Email

Google Drive & Gmail for School, College & Education Industry

The internet has taken over numerous arenas across the world and people have become highly dependent on the technology for varied reasons. While business owners depend on it for carrying out business functions, others use it for personal reasons, some depend on it for keeping their social life active and yet others keep their knowledge […]

10 Best Google Apps For Small Business Entrepreneurs

Google apps for business in India is fast becoming a useful as well as viable alternative to make of its desktop counterparts. It is especially useful for small businesses trying to cut down on cost while at the same time increase productivity. Let us now have a look at the ten best Google apps which […]

Self destructing Emails – Dmail

A large flutter was created in the techie world when Google brought forth an ‘Undo Send’ option for its Gmail users which facilitated the recall of messages sent within a 30 second time frame. However, this is possible if you are intelligent enough to realize within a span of 30 seconds that the message ought […]