Experiencing high bounce rate for website? You are not the only one. There are many who suffer with high bounce rate even by following white hat technique for optimizing their website. Bounce rate is actually numbers of visitors who land on your page and immodestly move always as they find it of no use. To reduce this you use several gauging metric but find that entire effort has reduced bounce rate less than 1%. So are you going to live with it?

Not really! Consider first few things and measures that will help you with bounce rate

1) Numbers of visitors:

It is very important to have more visitors to measure exact bouncing rate and finding its measure. Let say if you have 50 visitors every day it is difficult to measure bounce rate and find a right measure for it. It is advisable to wait until you get at least 100 or 150 visitors every day and then check for bounce rate.

2)Bounce rate is not always irrelevant visitors

Bounce rate doesn’t always means having irrelevant visitors. While deciding measure you must consider that what causing increase numbers of bounce rate because 40% bounce rate is a result from other causes rather bounce rate.

3) Average bounce rate

You must have knowledge about average bounce rate in order to decide whether your bounce rate is really high of just fine. Different industries have different assumption for an instance what is considered as high bounce rate in some industry may consider normal in your industry.

4) How analytics track bounce rate?

To understand the exact bounce rate it is necessary to know how your web analytics tracks bounce rate. For an instance Google analytics platform shows a visitor bounces if the user doesn’t visits another page or if script doesn’t executes again. Even if a visitor has stayed on page for a long period.

5) Adjust bounce rate

To fix the problem of analytics track bounce you can take help of adjust bounce rate. Adjust bounce rate ensure that not to bounce a visitor who spent certain amount of time on your website without moving another page. This time can be few seconds to few minutes depending upon your decision. In order to track that modified bounce rate a simple extra line needs to be added in coding of website’s Google analytics tracking script.

6) Inbound calls

The other major reason for bounce rate is inbound phone calls. Visitors who come your page for contact immodestly take a number and leave. This causes heavy bounce rate. The simple solution to reduce this bounce rate is cross domain tracking.

7) Event tracking

With Google analytics platform, you can use event tracking for reducing bounce rate. By implementing event tracking for outgoing links that lead to third part booking engine. If that too doesn’t work as per expectation use virtual pageviews functionality to track inbound phone call by using a mobile optimized website.

8) Website design

Ensure that your website and its content must be of high quality to engage a user. And it should not have irritating colors of music just because you like them. Keep it simple yet attractive and most importantly informative.